The Dakota a Haunted Mansion

The Dakota a Haunted Mansion in New York


The Dakota is a building in New York City that is across the street from Central Park. The building has over 60 apartments and no two are alike. Famous celebrity's such as John Lennon lived here. The rumor has it John Lennon is still living here even after his death, kind of spooky don't you think ?

     Back in the 1960's a worker claims to have seen a young boys face on a man's body in the basement. The ghost according to the worker was throwing metal across the room and even putting a metal rod at the feet of the worker. The worker tried to pick it up but it was being held down the worker said. The ghost seen the most at the Dakota is this little girl who can be seen in the hallways playing with her ball. Witness who have seen this little girl all describe her with turn of the century clothing. The girl is "very friendly" said another witness "who likes to come up an touch you " she is just trying to say hi and make you feel welcome at the Dakota"

  Now the most famous ghost at the Dakota is John Lennon. Lennon who has been seen in the doorway of the Dakota numerous times by eyewitness. Jerry Harrow a near by resident and his girlfriend  were the first ones to report seeing Lennon at the Dakota. Harrow said they were walking pass the Dakota on a warm summer night and they seen the ghost of Lennon standing in the doorway of the Dakota. Moore said she wanted to go up and say hi to the ghost of Lennon but the way he was looking at her she decided it was not a good idea. Yoko Ono herself reported seeing the ghost of  Lennon at the Dakota sitting at his piano. She said " John looked over at me and gave me a smile and said " I am still with you". John Lennon when he was alive living at the Dakota has said he has seen an old lady who is a ghost walking the hallways of the Dakota screaming .  Can you imaging living at the Dakota today and sitting back and listing to Lennon's ghost playing the piano and singing Imagine one more time.