The Dakota a Haunted Mansion

Van Cortland park is very Haunted

van courtland.jpg

A small amount of Native Americans Indians are buried in Van Cortland Park in the Bronx. They lost there lives fighting against the English in 1778. I have been told that there spirits now roam the open fields and the woods of Van Cortland Park. One female ghost is thought to be a member of the Van Cortland family who is looking for her gold that she had hidden before the British marched into her home. 

 Rumor has it that the 263 year old old home is haunted as well. The dolls in the children's room have been seen walking around and sometimes they have been found in other rooms in the house. The spinning wheel which is old and full of dust can be heard at night spinning on its own up in the attic. So the question is "Are you brace enough to walk the park in the middle of the night ? or better yet are you brave enough to sleep in the 263 year old house ?.

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