The Dakota a Haunted Mansion

The Dakota a Haunted Mansion in New York


The Dakota is a building in New York City that is across the street from Central Park. The building has over 60 apartments and no two are alike. Famous celebrity's such as John Lennon lived here. The rumor has it John Lennon is still living here even after his death, kind of spooky don't you think ?

     Back in the 1960's a worker claims to have seen a young boys face on a man's body in the basement. The ghost according to the worker was throwing metal across the room and even putting a metal rod at the feet of the worker. The worker tried to pick it up but it was being held down the worker said. The ghost seen the most at the Dakota is this little girl who can be seen in the hallways playing with her ball. Witness who have seen this little girl all describe her with turn of the century clothing. The girl is "very friendly" said another witness "who likes to come up an touch you " she is just trying to say hi and make you feel welcome at the Dakota"

  Now the most famous ghost at the Dakota is John Lennon. Lennon who has been seen in the doorway of the Dakota numerous times by eyewitness. Jerry Harrow a near by resident and his girlfriend  were the first ones to report seeing Lennon at the Dakota. Harrow said they were walking pass the Dakota on a warm summer night and they seen the ghost of Lennon standing in the doorway of the Dakota. Moore said she wanted to go up and say hi to the ghost of Lennon but the way he was looking at her she decided it was not a good idea. Yoko Ono herself reported seeing the ghost of  Lennon at the Dakota sitting at his piano. She said " John looked over at me and gave me a smile and said " I am still with you". John Lennon when he was alive living at the Dakota has said he has seen an old lady who is a ghost walking the hallways of the Dakota screaming .  Can you imaging living at the Dakota today and sitting back and listing to Lennon's ghost playing the piano and singing Imagine one more time. 


Investing in a Real Estate Photographer

If you are an agent in Westchester New Yorkwho really goes above and beyond, and you know who I’m talking to here, I mean agents that don’t do this – “Yes Mrs Jones I will , just take a few snaps (with my phone), and we’ll put you on the market next week.”


In other words, the professional real estate agent knows the value in working with others who are professional at what they do. Those are the agents who earn their commission. However, a seller who selects their agent based on a lower commission fee is not the kind of client that a professional real estate agent wants or needs to be working with:

“If a seller’s focus is purely how cheap they can get their agent, and you are an agent who prides themselves on going way above and beyond, and giving 100% maybe you should walk away from that listing. 

I think that take guts but necessary thing to do. I know within my business that not every potential client is an ideal for me I have walked away from clients that only wanted to offer me 1/4th of what my rate is and that’s because some of them want a low-cost service rather than a high-value service. And that’s okay because everyone is different, but it helps to recognize that this is possible in a world with people who appreciate different things, and that some people real estate agents in Westchester New York understands the value of a wise investment in different ways.

So how can an agent who is doing exceptional photography and amazing marketing use that to pickup more listings?

“Those of us who really go above and beyond (then) when you’re sitting with your sellers trying to get that listing appointment, show them the videos, show them the 3d tours,  show them anything and everything. And above all else, show them evidence of houses you’ve sold.”

This is very clever, because what this does is it elicits an emotional response from the quality photography and videos, and it brings on a numbers response based on the properties that have been sold, especially if any of those listings were sold after being previously listed with another agent that used low-quality real estate photography.

So those real estate agents who know that investing in quality photography works for them then their focus needs to be on showing that point of difference to their potential sellers.

Are you the type of real estate agent that does hire professional photographers and others to create your marketing campaigns?

Or are you more likely to do that yourself in order to save a few dollars?

And if that’s the case, are you prepared to say to a potential seller that the reason why you don’t hire a professional real estate photographer or  is because you would rather keep a few extra dollars in your pocket?

That would be rather awkward, wouldn’t it?